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I’m trying to sell Here’s why. About a week ago, I had an MRI, which revealed a 19.4mm herniation in the disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae. What happens when you have a disc herniation is that the outer casing of the disc ruptures, and the gel within the disc is forced out. […] in the Columbus Dispatch

A big thank-you to Steve Wartenberg for his article entitled Cyber Venting. Steve, and the experts he cites make the point that comments on sites such as should be strongly considered by executives and managers within the organizations about which people are writing. They also urge people who read these sites to take the […]

Arlington Development Ad Network currently has two kinds of ads: Third Party Ads (Google Ad-Sense and Bluelithium) Sponsored flat rate ads The third party ads are obvious. Any section of the site not reserved for a sponsored ad currently hosts an ad from one of those two networks, which pay Arlington Development mostly on a CPM basis. The […]

The YeildBuild Experiment

I’m testing out a service called YeildBuild on They make some interesting claims: YeildBuild maximizes your text ad revenue YeildBuild takes the guesswork out of ad formatting YeildBuild Installs as easily as adsense So far I can only confirm #3. Before I implemented YeildBuild on, Google was serving up both text as well […]

Block a user… hilarity ensues

So, there’s a company listed on called First Investors Corporation. It seems to be (from the comments) one of these investment companies that gets people to register for their series 6 or 7, and then puts them on a mostly commission based salary to sell investments. Some people are great salesmen and are into […]

More Legal Threats from Abroad

Ah, the egomaniacal CEO. They’re so much fun. I got the following email today, but the best part was not the email. It was the attachments. Was I supposed to be impressed that you can use Google and find my resume? Yes. He sent me my own resume. The email: (my comments and edits are […]

International Defamation Law

I received the following email today, from the CEO of a company in Australia. I’m pretty sure his claims, espcially where he cites specific Australian law, are invalid, but what I’m interested in is: how would an international lawsuit take place? More specifically: if an Australian company decided to sue Arlington Development, LLC (an American […] Webservice API

No. There is no formal API. is really the only site utilizing the data in JobVent’s database. However, I did receive a request today from the founder of a site that is very similar to He’d like to forward viewers of his site over to JobVent when they’re looking for a specific company […] Reloaded

When I started building several years ago, I hadn’t done so much as a “Hello World” application in PHP. That paired with my lack of knowledge at the time concerning all things CSS led to what was declared by Techcrunch as a site “who’s layout and look screams 1996”. Well, as much as I […]

What. The. Hell.

This is what you get when you google (6th link down or so) Not cool.