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{ Monthly Archives } September 2007 Reloaded

When I started building several years ago, I hadn’t done so much as a “Hello World” application in PHP. That paired with my lack of knowledge at the time concerning all things CSS led to what was declared by Techcrunch as a site “who’s layout and look screams 1996”. Well, as much as I […]

Why you should avoid Media Temple

If you are a small company and planning on hosting your site and web services at Media Temple, stop. All our PicMe stuff was hosted over on Media Temple. We went with them initially because of their claims of scalability. We still think they would have been a scalable solution, but the headaches just weren’t […]

DragDrop in Flex with non-embedded images

So all the other examples I was able to find had drag drop enabled where the images were embedded. As soon as I tried setting the source to a URL or local file instead of a embedded resource, the drag operation would no longer display the image I was dragging. The solution to this problem […]