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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

GPSTwit Beta

The first GPSTwit client is finally at a point where I feel comfortable letting other people have a look. Keep in mind, this software is nowhere near complete; what you’ll find here is a starting point. We’re going to build a ton of services on top of this: Mobile Social Awareness (where are my friends), […]

Vista 64 on my Macbook

I recently picked up MacBook from a guy on Craigslist. Nice machine, a little over a year old. Core 2 Duo running at 2.33 Ghz. I am, however, a windows user, and have no intention of making a permanent switch right now. I’ve been a Microsoft user and MS centric developer since the first MS […]

Small Business Email – A Decent Solution

I’m a big fan of Exchange Server; in fact, next to Visual Studio 2008 it is probably my favorite piece of Microsoft Software. In a large corporate environment, Exchange Server is an easy to manage solution for providing email for thousands of users, which works seamlessly with Outlook (another product I’m fond of) as well […]