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When I started building several years ago, I hadn’t done so much as a “Hello World” application in PHP. That paired with my lack of knowledge at the time concerning all things CSS led to what was declared by Techcrunch as a site “who’s layout and look screams 1996”.

Well, as much as I did enjoy the late ’90s (college was a blast), it was time to bring forward into the current decade. We’ve got divs, style sheets, even a bit of Ajax for good measure. Don’t worry. We didn’t go overboard. All the data is the same and the surveys haven’t changed. But the site is easier to navigate, read, and just looks better.

We kept the orange theme, despite all the comments against it. Why do people hate orange? It works for Dunkin’ Donuts.

So send any comments you may have about the new design. If you encounter any issues (as a lot of the underlying code changed as well) send them along.

A huge thanks goes to Greg at Raizlabs for help with the new design. Greg is a usability expert and his input on this project has been invaluable.

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